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The work carried out by the Public Ombudsman in defence of natural resources has played a pivotal role in the process of updating Peruvian forest legislation, fulfilling not only an observer role but also as a monitor and intermediary between the interests of the State and the different stakeholders.

On this point, the reports drawn up by the Public Ombudsman are available on its website, with public access. One of the most important is Report no. 151 “Forest Policy and the Peruvian Amazon: Progress and obstacles on the road to sustainability” (1) which forms a working document for decision-making, and played a role in the process of updating the forest legislation; the result was the recently approved Law 29763 - New Forest and Wildlife Law (which will come into force when there is a regulation to implement it).

However, there is no drive from civil society for a monitoring body or independent auditor for the forest sector to support and strengthen the functions of the National Forest and Wildlife Commission, and which is involved in acting as a monitor in conjunction with the Public Ombudsman (which acts on the State’s behalf).

(1) Public Ombudsman (2010) “Forest Policy and the Peruvian Amazon: Progress and obstacles on the road to sustainability”. Series of Ombudsman Reports – Report No. 151. Available at http://servindi.org/pdf/DefensoriaInf151Jul2010.pdf

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