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The maps currently available meet the partial objective of providing information regarding the location of the titles granted for forest extraction; however, this is still deemed insufficient because there is a need to identify the holders of this right and the type of use granted, as well as identifying their respective contract, permit and/or certificate, as is the case with maps granting oil extraction rights in Peru.

The information in the maps will be of greater use if they include information from all the sectors associated with management of natural resources, and there are no discrepancies in the information provided by different organisations.

Given the above, 2012 saw an improvement in the availability of thematic maps and maps consolidating important forest information, as well as an aide-memoire for each thematic map, produced by the General Directorate for Forests and Wildlife and made available to users on its website, where we can find information on forest concessions for timber and non-timber purposes.

It is important to continue with the process of making detailed information in the maps available to the public, not only so that citizens can be aware of it, but also so that the information provided can help them to take specific decisions regarding the rights which might assist them.

Title a. Services to the Public – Administrative Ruling No. 257-2004-INRENA
b. Directorial Ruling No. 090-2007-COFOPRI/DE
c. Map of Forest Licences: Forest Licences, Permanent Production Forests - BPP, Native Communities - CCNN, Peasant Communities - CCCC, National System of State-Protected Natural Areas - SINANPE and others.
d. GEO Server, Peru in Maps (Map search engine)
e. Thematic maps
Organisation a. Ministry of Agriculture
b. Ministry of Housing through the COFOPRI
c. Ministry of Agriculture through the General Directorate for Forests and Wildlife
d. Environment Ministry
e. Ministry of Agriculture through the General Directorate for Forests and Wildlife
Source a. http://www.minag.gob.pe/dgffs/pdf/normatividad/2004/resjef/RJ.%20N%C2%BA%20257-2004.INRENA%20(Servicios%20al%20P%C3%BAblico).pdf
b. http://www.cofopri.gob.pe/pdf/pnf/RS-090-2007-COFOPRI-DE.pdf
c. http://dgffs.minag.gob.pe/pdf/mapas_tematicos/Ocupacion.pdf
d. http://geoservidor.minam.gob.pe/geoservidor/Archivos/Mapa/N05_CONCESIONES_FORESTALES.pdf
e. http://dgffs.minag.gob.pe/index.php/areas-tematicas/mapas-tematicos
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