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Access to Public Information
Some forest authorities have improved their compliance with the Law on Transparency and Access to Public Information, but information is still incomplete. A proposed autonomous national authority could improve oversight. Read more...
Forest Policy and Regulations
A 'roadmap' for a decentralised, participatory process to develop a policy and regulations to implement the new Forest and Wildlife Law was published in 2012, which supports an inclusive and transparent approach. Read more...
Customary Rights
The new Forest and Wildlife Law recognises traditional knowledge and customs of indigenous peoples, and allows for autonomous community forest management, but it remains to be seen how this is translated into practice. Read more...
Forest Management Plans
Management plans are seen as methods of timber harvesting rather than requirements for addressing environmental and social impacts. They are rarely complied with and are not publicly available. Read more...
Available to public
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Change in year
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Other Facts Other Facts
Vital Statistics
43 people per km2 of forest
29.4 million total population
Corruption Perception Index
Corruption Perception Index
Corrupt Clean
679,920 km2 forests
( 53.1% of land area )
-0.2% annual deforestation rate
GDP per capita PPP $10234