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There is a formal regulated system of forest authorisations, permits and licences, which are differentiated according to the method of access to the forest. However, civil society organisations and local communities cannot obtain the contracts/permits granted directly; this information can only be accessed if accreditation is provided by the holder of the right or by means of a formal request for information. The fact that the Forest Authority does not have a specific register makes it difficult for the local population to identify these rights holders; similarly, neither is there a register of the communities which are using their forests.

However, there is a register of forest licences/concessions and other associated rights administered by the National Office of Public Registers (SUNARP). Access to this information requires the completion of an application and payment for public information of an official nature.

Having this type of information available is not only important, but also contributes to transparency, and serves to uphold rights against third parties. The difficulty in gaining access limits decision making of the populations linked to forest operations.

This is even truer if the responsibilities which were transferred to the regional governments are taken into consideration. They have full powers with regard to the forest sector for granting permits for operations and other certificates of use. What is required is an integrated system so that information is not dispersed and one organisation is responsible for this function. On this point, the new Forest Law (Law No. 29763), provides for this aspect with the creation of SINAFOR, the National System for Forest and Wildlife Management.

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c. Approved Terms of Reference for the development of Forest Management Plans of native and/or rural forests with commercial aims at low, medium and high scale through Departmental Resolution No. 232-2006-INRENA
d. Promotional measures for timber concessions at the national level (DS 008-2010-AG)
e. Resolution Nº 070-2006-SUNARP-SN Approved Directive regulating the registration of forestry, wildlife and reforestation concessions in the norms for the Forest and Wildlife Law 27308
Organisation a. Congress of the Republic
b. Ministry of Agriculture through its Line Directorate the Institute of Natural Resources (INRENA) now absorbed by the National Forest Directorate
c. Ministry of Agriculture, formerly INRENA
d. Ministry of Agriculture, General Directorate of Forests and Wildlife
e. National Office of Public Registers – SUNARP
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