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There are currently explicit provisions on transparency and access to information for the forest sector, which have been regulated through the Forest Law 29763 (recently approved but awaiting implementing regulation) and form part of the National Anti-Corruption Plan for the Forest and Wildlife Sector. These have still not been exercised, however, because they are in the process of being implemented.

Under the framework of the Law on Transparency and Access to Public Information 27806, information has been solictied on forest issues from the public institutions associated with the forest sector, but compliance with the deadlines for delivering the information indicated in the regulation is still inadequate and they do not provide the information requested; furthermore, they do not publish on their transparency websites the full information required by the Law.

The information provided by the government organisations influences decision-making. For example, access is allowed to the summaries of management plans and annual management reports, amongst other documents, which were not previously available to citizens.

With the implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Plan for the Forest and Forest Wildlife Sector, corrective measures will be applied to improve this situation. This is a step forward in encouraging access to information by citizens.

Title a. Ministerial Resolution 0552-2010-AG - "Technical Guidelines on the Systematization and Administration of Forest and Wildlife Information”.
b. National Anti-Corruption Plan of the Forest and Wildlife Sector approved by Supreme Decree 009-2011-AG specifically the strategic objective I.
c. Procedural Stages for Document Management by the Directorates of the Ministry of Agriculture approved by Sector Directive 005-2010-AG-DM.
d. Law 29763, Forest and Wildlife Law (Law that come into effect once it is regulated), specifically in paragraphs 1, 2 and 12 of the Preliminary Title, as well as in its Article II General Principles, and in Rules 142, 143 and 144 of title IV "Transparency in forest and wildlife management".
Organisation a. Ministry of Agriculture
b. General Directorate of Forests and Wildlife – Ministry of Agriculture
c. Ministry of Agriculture
d. General Directorate of Forests and Wildlife – Ministry of Agriculture
Date a. 31/08/2010
b. 13/07/2011
c. 23/11/2011
d. 22/07/2011
Source a. http://www.minag.gob.pe/dgffs/pdf/2010/ResolMin/RM%20N%C2%B0%20552-2010-AG-(Lineamientos%20sobre%20sistematizaci%C3%B3n%20y%20administraci%C3%B3n%20de%20Informaci%C3%B3n%20Forestal).PDF
b. http://www.legislacionforestal.org/aprueban-el-plan-nacional-anticorrupcion-del-sector-forestal-y-de-fauna-silvestre-ds-009-2011-ag/
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d. http://dgffs.minag.gob.pe/pdf/Ley29763.pdf
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