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Law 27806 on Transparency and Access to Public Information has been in force since 1 January 2003. It regulates every citizen’s right to request information and the obligates State bodies to publish information on their institutional websites and/or disseminate it in newspapers and periodical reports. However, the majority of government bodies do not meet the minimum standards required by the regulation, which makes the information available both insufficient and incomplete, and raises the need for corrective measures.

Furthermore, instrumental documents such as work agendas, institutional memorandas, and registers of sanctions, amongst others, are not published; these are of public interest and should be accessible. The information is dispersed and not classified and/or scanned for provision to the public, meaning that implementation is still weak, which makes it difficult for citizens to access decision-making.

Meanwhile, official requests for information on forest issues have been carried out in the framework of this Law; however, the information has not been provided in a timely fashion. There have been delays in delivery, and even more so if these are large files containing management plans or if the information involves a management report. This means that the information does not fulfil its purpose at the time in which it is requested.

Title a. Section 5 of Article 2 of the Constitution of Peru of 1993, which enshrines the fundamental right of access to information
b. Law 27806 .- Law of Transparency and Access to Public Information
c. Law 27927.- Law that amends Law 27806
d. Law 29091.- Law that amends paragraph 38.3 of Article 38 of the General Administrative Procedure Act and provides for publication of various legal provisions in the portal of the Peruvian state and institutional portals
e. Supreme Decree 063-2010-PCM - Approving the implementation of the Transparency Portal Standard in Public Administration Bodies
f. Ministerial Resolution 200-2010-PCM - Approving the Directive 001-2010 "Guidelines for the Implementation of the Transparency Portal Standard Public Administration Bodies
Organisation a. President’s Office of the Republic
b. Congress of the Republic
c. Congress of the Republic
d. Congress of the Republic
e. Presidency of the Council of Ministers
f. Presidency of the Council of Ministers
Date a. 30/12/1993
b. 13/07/2002
c. 13/01/2003
d. 26/09/2007
e. 03/06/2010
f. 24/06/2010
Source a. http://www.tc.gob.pe/constitucion.pdf
b. http://www.peru.gob.pe/normas/docs/LEY_27806.pdf
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e. http://www.ongei.gob.pe/Bancos/banco_normas/archivos/Ds_063_2010_PCM.pdf
f. http://www.ongei.gob.pe/Bancos/banco_normas/archivos/n_200-2010.pdf
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