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The redistribution of taxes and royalties in the system called the Forest Canon of behalf of the regional and local governments is found in the Canon Law Nº 27506. According to the provisions of sub-paragraph d) of article 7 of the Supreme Decree 005-2002-EF, Canon Law Regulation, modified by Supreme Decree 187-2004-EF, the amount of the Forest Canon shall be determined on a half-yearly basis. The National Institute of Natural Resources (INRENA - whose responsibilities were taken on by the General Directorate for Forests and Wildlife) should inform the Ministry of Economy and Finances of the location of concessions, authorisations and/or permits granted during this period within twenty working days of the last day of the month which ends the half year, for the purposes of determining the respective indices of distribution.

It would be important, by virtue of the right of access to information – and as a contribution to decision-making – to consider making public these documents sent by the forest authority (they are currently not made public, neither for the social organisations, nor for the indigenous communities), so that the population can find out about the distribution of this economic benefit in their sector and can request it through a proposal for participation to their local and/or regional government to improve their quality of life.

Articles 131 to 136 of Title II of Law 29763 - Forest and Wildlife Law (recently promulgated which will enter into force once it has implementing regulation), provides for actions of promotion, financing, certification and investment in forests and wildlife.

Title a. Canon Law Nº 27506
b. Law Nº 28077 that modifies various articles of Canon Law Nº 27506
c. Regulation of the Canon Law. Supreme Decree Nº 005-2002-EF
d. Forest Canon (Ministerial Resolutions that approve the distribution index of the forest canon)
Organisation a. Ministry of Economy and Finance
b. Ministry of Economy and Finance
c. Ministry of Economy and Finance
d. Ministry of Economy and Finance
Date a. 09/07/2001
b. 25/09/2003
c. 07/01/2002
d. 01/06/2010
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