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Legislative Decree 1078 for modifying Law 27446, the National Environmental Impact Evaluation System Law, strengthened the obligation to use Strategic Environmental Evaluation in policies, plans and programmes for sectoral, regional and local development likely to have significant environmental implications.

In addition, strategic axis no. 6 (on natural resources and the environment) of the Bicentenary Plan in Peru to 2021 sets out seven specific objectives, one of which is to strengthen the National Environmental Management System across the three levels of government (national, regional and local), thereby encouraging the active participation of citizens in the plans or programmes.

Although it is true to say that civil society and the indigenous communities have participated in processes of Territorial Planning and Ecological and Economic Zoning, they had no direct influence on the decision-making, as this depended on the political priorities defined by the government.

As far as access to information and reports on strategic environmental evaluation is concerned, these are available to the civil society organisations and the communities. Specifically, the consultations carried out by the Ministry of the Environment for processes such as Territorial Planning (OT) and Ecological and Economic Zoning (ZEE) are available.

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e. National Environmental Action Plan of Peru 2011-2021 (Approved by Supreme Decree N° 014-2011-MINAM)
f. Bicentennial Plan of Peru to 2021
Organisation a. Presidential Office of the Council of Ministers
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