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2011 > 20 Key Indicators > Verification Process (Due Diligence) of the Eligibility of Permit Applicants

There is currently no process, nor is one planned by law, to verify the technical and financial capacity of bidders; the only evaluation carried out is whether the bidder meets the minimum conditions to enter into a contract with the State (having a Tax Identification Number; authorised representatives; a Management Plan; and others). As there is no process for verification of applicants, the information is not available nor does it affect decision-making processes.

This type of verification should be carried out to determine the suitability of the holder of the right of operation and implement measures for strengthening abilities, given that experience has shown that a number of licence holders do not have the sufficient technical and/or financial capacity and end up transferring their rights under the contract to third parties, or authorize exploitation of the natural resource without the correct technical parameters.

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