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Legal standing

Yes, according to Article 89 of the Political Constitution of Peru, Native and Peasant Communities are granted legal existence and legal capacity..
Despite this, in order to be registered in the Register of Legal Persons, previous administrative recognition is required, as established in Article 2 of the Regulations of the General Law of Peasant Communities, approved by Supreme Decree No.008-91-TR, and in Numeral 4.1 of the Guideline which defines the applicable normative framework and establishes the norms regulating the registration procedure for Native Communities, approved by the Resolution of the National Superintendent of Public Registers No.157-2001-SUNARP-SN.
Title Political Constitution of Peru 1993; Law of Native Communities and Agricultural Development of the Forest and eyebrow of the jungle, approved by Law Decree NÂș 22175; General Law of Peasant Communitie
Date 30/12/2003; 09/05/1978; 14/04/1987; 15/02/1991; 10/06/2001



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