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The National Forest Policy in 2006 sets out to address immediate rehabilitation and 10 year medium term needs of the nation. It broadly aims to integrate and balance commercial, conservation and community (the “3Cs”) forestry activities, however the World Bank commissioned Strategic Environment Assessment in 2010 (1) found that lack of data was making planning difficult and that decision-making was primarily focused on deriving economic benefits from the forest sector rather than balancing them with the community and conservation values.

In order to contribute to the Government Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) II development process, there were three forest sector stakeholder fora between December 2011 and June 2012, which articulated inputs into a draft forest sector strategy and framework and agreed on the critical issues with accompanying short-term and long-term priorities for the roadmap that should inform the possible review of the forest policy.

The objectives of the framework for the PRS II are (i) putting people first (ii) removing barriers and (iii) leveraging the value of forests, which are expected to support the 3C's in the National Forest Policy. Important issues identified by stakeholders that act as barriers to effective management of the forest sector include poor coordination amongst ministries and agencies, inequitable benefit sharing mechanisms, insecure land tenure arrangements, inadequate communication and information dissemination, overlapping concessions (e.g. between mining, forestry and agriculture), and lack of capacity for research, development and forest governance.

(1) World Bank (2010) Mainstreaming Social and Environmental Considerations Into The Liberian National Forestry Reform Process: A Strategic Environmental Assessment for Implementation of the 3Cs of the Forest Reform Law 2006

Title National Forest Policy and Implementing Strategy
Organisation Forestry Development Authority (FDA)
Date 2006
Source http://www.fda.gov.lr/doc/LiberiaForestryPolicy.pdf
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