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The Forestry Development Authority (FDA) has taken steps to implement Regulation 101 – 07 on Public Participation by conducting country-wide consultations following the adoption of the 10 core regulations in 2007. Regional and national consultations are held on new regulations. For example, country-wide consultations were conducted on the implementing regulations for the Community Rights Law (CRL) and Benefit Sharing Trust regulations, approved by FDA Board in 2011. There are ongoing regional and national level consultations on the chain saw regulation.

However, information about consultation and reports following consultation is not available to the public. There is no system is in place to facilitate sharing information related to public consultation processes. For example, reports from the consultations mentioned above have not been made available to stakeholders. Also, the Liberia REDD+ Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP) development process, which is forest specific, has adopted a parallel consultation process. The World Bank team on the Liberia R-PP has emphasised the need to ensure full participation of Liberian stakeholders, civil society and cross-sector agencies including the Ministries of Agriculture, Lands Mines and Energy and the Land Commission to make sure that the solutions are owned by everybody and benefit the communities. Though reports of regional and national level consultations are contained in the R-PP, it was not vetted publicly for the 60 day period as prescribed in the forestry law (NFRL Section 19.2) before submission to the World Bank Forest Carbon Partnership Facility for approval in June 2011.

Since their formation began in 2008, Community Forest Development Committees have assisted the FDA in organizing community level meetings on forestry issues including new regulations and the Voluntary Partnership Agreement. The National Forest Forum has been suggested by most stakeholders to anchor all forums in order to serve as a platform for sharing information and reducing duplication.

Title (a) NFRL (Section 19.2)
(b) Regulation 101-07:(section 23)
Organisation Forestry Development Authority
Date (a) 2006
(b) 2007
Source (a) http://www.fda.gov.lr/doc/finalforestrylawPASSEDBYLEGISLATURE.pdf
(b) http://www.fda.gov.lr/doc/FDATENCOREREGULATIONS.pdf
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