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The National Forest Reform Law and Ten Core regulations were adopted in 2006 and 2007 respectively, but they have not yet been translated into community languages. However these can be downloaded free from the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) website and a copy of the law can be obtained for $10 at the FDA central office in Monrovia. There is currently no mechanism for communities to access these at the regional level, since such information is not available at the four FDA regional offices. The least the FDA can do is to open an information desk in each local office where members of the public may go to request for information.

The National Benefit Sharing Trust regulations has been approved by the FDA Board of Directors for use by the National Benefit Sharing Trust Board (NBSTB) to govern the disbursement of 30% land rental fees to affected communities. It clearly lays out the functions and responsibilities of the Trust Board which includes to hold and manage land rental fees funds received for the benefit of affected communities and to establish a project review committee to ensure that projects benefit the targeted affected communities

Liberia has made efforts to develop a chain saw regulation. Following a series of regional consultations, a national workshop was held in September to validate a regulation on chain saw milling. The draft starts the regulation process with the aim of recognising and regulating chain saw milling in order to optimize its positive benefits and also mitigate its negative effects.

The regulations for the Community Rights Law 2009 also underwent a similar exercise of consultations earlier in 2011. Though they were approved in June, the FDA has not yet uploaded them to its website. The CRL regulation attempts to check the role of law makers serving on community management bodies, which has been a concern for both communities and civil society.

The current law and supporting regulations are inadequate to specifically address carbon rights and benefits related to REDD as well as mining and agriculture impact on the conversion of forest. The NFRL definition for degraded land needs to be revised in order to contribute to sound forest management and greater reduction of emissions from deforestation.

Title (a) An Act Adopting the National Forestry Reform Law, 2006;
(b) Ten Core Regulations 106-07: Regulation on Benefit Sharing;
(c) Community Rights Law Chapter 3;
(d) Draft regulation on chain saw milling
(e) Regulation on Benefit sharing Trust
Organisation Forestry Development Authority
Date (a) 2006
(b) 2007
(c) 2009
(d) 2011
(e) 2011
Source (a) www.fda.gov.lr/doc/finalforestrylawPASSEDBYLEGISLATURE.pdf
(b) http://www.fda.gov.lr/doc/FDATENCOREREGULATIONS.pdf
(c) http://www.fda.gov.lr/doc/Liberia%20Forestry%20-%20CRL%20October%202009%20-%20official.pdf
(d) http://www.fda.gov.lr/doc/fda%20web%20site.txt
(e) Available from the Forestry Development Authority
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