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Even though the National Forest Reform Law, Section 20.1, sets out the requirement for an annual report, this is one area where the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) has performed poorly for the past three years. It has not published a complete annual report in this time and the only report on its official website is a draft report of 2008 which has not been finalized. The draft report only shows a table of contents, an introduction and an incomplete executive summary. It contains neither details of activities nor a financial report even though an audit is listed in the contents.

The lack of annual reports makes it difficult to evaluate the performance of the FDA, or even to know the basis on which it evaluates its own work. Monitoring by other stakeholders including civil society and UN Panel of Experts on Liberia provides an insight into how the forestry sector is being managed, but it would be useful to have comparable information from the FDA.

Title Draft Annual Report, Forestry Development Authority, Monrovia, Liberia
January 1 – December 31, 2008
Organisation Forestry Development Authority
Date 2009
Source http://www.fda.gov.lr/content.php?sub=Publications%20and%20Documents&related=Media%20Center
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