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2010 > Allocation of permits / user rights > Is there a stakeholder consultation process prior to permit allocation?

Allocation of permits / user rights

The allocation of logging concessions begins with a land-use validation exercise. The validation process allows for communities to comment on the plan to allocate logging contracts in their area. Regulation 101 – 07: Public Participation lays out a clear process for public consultation for validating suitability of a particular land use proposed by FDA. In practice, local people are only informed when the area has already been allocated to a permit holder or at least when the decision to do so has been announced.
Title Regulation 101-07: Public Participation
Date 2007
Source www.fda.gov.lr/doc/FDATENCOREREGULATIONS.pdf
Harvesting Certificate issued to EJ & J Investment Corporation/Malavasi Corporation by FDA, April 1, 2010
Timeliness Regulations were issued before the allocation of logging concessions.
Completeness Implementation has been fraught with poor facilitation and documentation. FDA failed to demonstrate it is properly conducting these meetings when they were challenged by a community group to present evidence that consultation did take place with their communities. Request by CFDCs to renegotiate the Social Agreements have intensified in 2010.
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