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Asociation of Guatemalan Forest Communities Ut´z Che´

Project Coordinator: Sergio Leopoldo Dionisio Dionisio
Executive Director: Victor Lopez

The Guatemala Community Forestry Association Ut'z Che' was formed in 2006. It is a civil association which groups together and represents, at a national level, indigenous communities and local organisations devoted to the sustainable management of their natural resources, principally forests, forestry plantations and water sources. The General Assembly is made up of 34 organisations representing 29,962 people, who have territorial jurisdiction over 73,690 hectares of land, with forest coverage of 23,096 ha.

Our primary objective is to represent the demands and interests of our communities, in the different sectoral, professional and decision-making forums for the implementation of public policies related to: forest management, environmental management and rural development in general. Another fundamental part of our mission is to enhance the skills of our affiliated communities, so as to help them conserve and sustainably manage their natural resources. We promote good forestry and agroforestry practices, access to fair trade markets, teaching and training with an emphasis on youth, rural entrepreneurship with social and environmental responsibility and finally equality of gender and legitimate community leadership.

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