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The National Forests Institute (INAB) has not published a 2011 report of its activities on a general level (Report of Tasks). The last report was the Report for 2009. With the organizational restructuring of INAB and the updating of its website in 2012, neither this report nor the previous ones can be located. However, it is possible for interested parties to obtain them by requesting them from the INAB information access unit.

Article 10, heading 5 of the law on access to public information stipulates that “Parties subject to the legislation are obliged to maintain available and up to date their annual operating plan.” Meanwhile, article 39 of the same law stipulates that “Parties subject to the legislation shall establish as a method of access to public information, amongst others, electronic information systems. The information published in the electronic information systems, amongst others, must coincide exactly with the financial administration, accounting and auditing systems and must be updated within the deadlines specified by this law.” Given these requirements, no Annual Operating Plan for INAB has been found on its website, which indicates a degree of non-compliance with the law.

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