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The forest legislation does not establish a legal requirement for the publication of authorised Forest Management Plans. However, interested or affected parties (individuals or communities) may request them from the corresponding regional office of the National Forests Institute (INAB). They contain detailed information on the duration of the plan, the locations and the volume of planned operations.

The Forest Law establishes the Management Plan as the instrument which guides the use and sustainable management of the forest, including specific information on the area, type of forests, volumes and methods of use, as well as the techniques for forest recovery (Art. 48 of the Forest Law). Similarly, the National Forest Register Regulation sets out a requirement for all the information relevant to this topic. This means that there are formal planning processes which determine how a forest process should be completed, and which must be stipulated in the Management Plan and in the Annual Operating Plans.

In general, there is no involvement of the interested or affected parties in drawing up the management plans; this is an action carried out by the forest manager and the owners, who can only be supervised by the INAB in the process of evaluation and approval of the plans. In some cases, this aspect has generated a high degree of social conflict, given the resistance in indigenous territories and by social groups to the granting of forest operating licences, when these affect groundwater recharge or remaining forests that are essential for environmental services.

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