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According to Forest Law Decree 101-96, the licence is the authorisation granted by the State to individuals or legal entities to carry out sustainable use of forest resources, including timber, seeds, resins, rubbers and other non-timber products, on privately-owned land, covered by forests, which must have a Forest Management Plan authorised by the National Forests Institute (INAB). In other words, licences are issued to authorise the implementation of the management plan (Articles 4 and 49 of Guatemala’s Forest Law). Documents can be consulted by interested parties if requested in the respective directorates general of the INAB.

A study carried out by the Rafael Landívar University concludes that 95% of operations are illegal. The reasons for this include the “…high demand for forest products, procedures which do not promote incorporation into legal management and the existence of a market in illegal products. Added to this is the poor ability of the institutions to supervise legal activities and punish illicit activities…together with the high degree of impunity reflected in the few cases subject to legal action and for which a penalty is applied.” (1). Furthermore, the problems are related to how to ensure forest logging complies with the law in force, which stipulates the need to draw up management plans and apply for an operating licence.

(1). Rafael Landivar University (2009) Análisis costo/beneficio de las actividades de la ilegalidad en el sector forestal y una propuesta para mejorar y fortalecer los mecanismos de gestión en el INAB en función del control forestal. (Cost/benefit analysis of illegal activities in the forest sector and a proposal to improve and strengthen the management mechanisms in the INAB depending on forest monitoring). Directorate for Research, Institute of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment. Available at http://www.profor.info/sites/profor.info/files/publication/Guatemala-forestfees.pdf

Title Forest Law, Article 49, Forest Use Licence
Organisation National Forests Institute (INAB)
Date 1996
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