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Guatemala’s Forest Policy (1999) forms the general framework for planning and guidance of the activities related to use, management and conservation of the country’s forests. The current political, economic, social and environmental context in the country has brought to the fore a series of challenges and new opportunities for the forest sector.

In 2011, an official evaluation was carried out through regional workshops with relevant stakeholders to the forest sector on implementation of the policy. The report demonstrated that there had been no progress in some indicators related to forest conservation and management, amongst other issues (1). It is worth highlighting that the framework documents used for the updating process are not available on the websites of the National Forest Institute (INAB), and there are no translated versions.

On this point, in 2012 INAB and the Guatemala National Council for Standards in Forest Management (CONESFORGUA), with the support of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), promoted a formal and participative process to formulate a new forest policy for Guatemala. This process has used the principal findings of the evaluation as a frame of reference, of which four pressing points for the country include:

• Increasing demand from different stakeholders in the Guatemala forest sector
• The contribution of forests to the livelihoods of the population of Guatemala, especially in rural areas as a source of employment and contribution to food security
• The problems of deforestation threatening the country’s environmental sustainability.
• Concerns over climate change


1. Monterroso, O. (2011) Evaluación de la política forestal de Guatemala a diez años de su implementación. (Evaluation of Guatemala’s Forest Policy ten years after its implementation). National Council for Standards in Sustainable Forest Management for Guatemala, National Forest Programme, National Forests Institute and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation.

Title Guatemala Forest Policy 1999
Organisation National Forests Institute
Date 1999
Source http://www.segeplan.gob.gt/downloads/clearinghouse/politicas_publicas/Resources%20Naturales/Politica%20Forestal%20de%20Guatemala.pdf
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