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Access to Public Information
The main public bodies for the forest sector have not complied with their legal obligations to publish annual reports and make information available online. In general, there is a lack of resources, training and public awareness to promote a culture of transparency. Read more...
Rural Development
Pressure on forest land from commercial interests is mounting. A proposed law on integrated rural development to address insecure land tenure and high levels of inequality has not been taken forward by Congress, seemingly because it is seen as a threat to private property. Read more...
Forest Incentives Programmes
The publicly available data on the forest incentives programmes has not been updated yet, so it is impossible to analyse whether it is reaching marginalised groups. Greater transparency is needed to plan a new programme to succeed the main one beyond 2016. Read more...
Forest Law Enforcement
Details on convictions and penalties for forest infractions are not published. The majority of logging activities are illegal or informal. Inter-institutional plans to tackle these issues have been drawn but there is very little regional capacity to enforce the law. Read more...
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Other Facts Other Facts
Vital Statistics
404 people per km2 of forest
14.8 million total population
Corruption Perception Index
Corruption Perception Index
Corrupt Clean
36,570 km2 forests
( 34.1% of land area )
-1.5% annual deforestation rate
GDP per capita PPP $4928
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