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At the time of writing, the latest annual report of the National Institute of Forests (INAB) about its overall activities was the Annual Work Report of 2009, whereas the National Council of Protected Areas (CONAP) has a more recent publication from 2010. The INAB report deals with the majority of its activities carried out that year. The CONAP report in 2010 is exhaustive. The INAB Report is produced with the help of a public information organisation on the forest sector in Guatemala called SIFGUA, composed of the International Tropical and Timber Organization, INAB, CONAP, the Forest Cluster and the Forest Association (Gremial Forestal). The report has not been translated into the indigenous languages and there is no summary, but the communities can access the report with a request to their regional INAB office. The Work Report from 2009 includes details of forest operations, while the 2009 Statistical Bulletin includes information on INAB´s budget and information on the audited annual account. But both reports only cover the 2009 period. There is a lack of up-to-date information for 2010 and 2011.

In the presentation of the report of the Statistical Bulletin, it is stipulated that “Statistical information, systematically collected, technically analysed and disseminated in a timely manner is a powerful tool to support decision-making.” In this way the report influences the process of drawing up next year’s annual plans.

Article 10, sub-section 5 of the Law of Access to Public Information stipulates that “the entities subject to such obligations must maintain, update and make available their annual operating plans”. Meanwhile, article 39 of the same law stipulates that “the entities subject to these obligations shall establish, as a method of access to public information, amongst others, electronic information systems. The information published in the electronic information systems, amongst others, must coincide exactly with the financial administration, accounting and auditing systems and must be updated within the deadlines established in this law.” Given these requirements, no Annual Operating Plan for the INAB or the CONAP has been found on their websites, which indicates a degree of non-compliance with the law.

Title a. Work Report and Statistical Bulletin
b. National Report on Fulfilment of the Agreements of the Convention on Biological Diversity
Organisation a. National Institute of Forests and Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
b. National Council of Protected Areas
Date a. 2009
b. 2010
Source http://www.sip.marn.gob.gt/public/docs/decreto_57_2008.pdf y
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