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There are some regulations, such as one on biodiversity, but other environmental services such as water are not regulated. There is a Climate Change Bill (http://mncc-guatemala.blogspot.com/p/informe-de-actividades-del-primer.html) which, if approved, will regulate some environmental services, such as carbon sequestration. As far as the Hydrological system is concerned, there are different bills which have never led to a specific law.

There are also forums like the National Climate Change Committee, the Indigenous Committee for Climate Change and the Forests, Biodiversity and Climate Change Group, with participation of civil society, which are involved in talks on the Climate Change Law, which is intended to regulate environmental services.

The opportunities exist to ensure that the Climate Change Law serves as an instrument which can benefit the indigenous communities with communal lands, through payment for environmental services such as carbon sequestration. Advisers to the talks on the implementation of REDD (from the National Council of Protected Areas, National Institute of Forests and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources) are reaching an agreement with the Office of the Attorney General to ensure that the distribution of payments for environmental services is in agreement with the percentage of owned land that provides this service. There may be a tax to cover administration of state services. The talks are ongoing and thus the opportunities still exist to influence the law in the aforementioned forums – but the mere fact that 8% of agriculture and livestock producers have 78.2% (http://www.ine.gob.gt/np/ena/contenido.htm) of the productive land means that payments for environmental services might primarily benefit the richest; this could promote further inequality if there are no proposals for redistribution.

Title a. Law of Protection and Improvement of the Environment DL-68-86
b. Ratification of Convention on Biological Diversity 1992, approved through Decree 5-95.
Organisation Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
Date a. 1986
b. 1995
Source http://www.ccad.ws/legislacion/Guatemala.html
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