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2011 > 20 Key Indicators > Verification Process (Due Diligence) of the Eligibility of Permit Applicants

There is a process of ´due diligence´ which is required by Forest Law and by the regulations governing forest management plans. If the forest use is greater than one hundred cubic metres per year, a Forest Manager must be contracted to draw up the management plans. This Manager must be duly registered with the National Institute of Forests (INAB), which ensures ´due diligence´. There is also a regulation on Forest Managers, which sets out that people with academic training suitable for forest management who wish to carry out the role, may exercise this activity subsequent to a process of evaluation. This process is the responsibility of a committee formed of representatives from various universities, a representative of the National Central School of Agriculture and the INAB General Manager. These requirements for the evaluation and assessment of a Forest Manager, and the other regulations stipulated in the forest law, ensure that there is, in theory, “due diligence” with regard to the issue of forest managers and with regard to those applying for forest use permits. The information on the verification process for the applicants is available through the management plans, which can be accessed by request from the appropriate regional INAB offices, although they are not available on the INAB website.
Title a. Forest Law and Resolution 4.23.97
b. Regulation of the National Forest Register Resolution 02.43.2005
c. Regulation for Forest Managers Resolution 01.25.2001
Organisation National Institute of Forests
Date a. 1997
b. 2005
c. 2001

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