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Wilberforce Laate
Project Leader
Bernard Guri

The Centre for Indigenous Knowledge and Organisational Development (CIKOD) is a non-governmental organization based in Ghana. Its main mission is to develop methodologies for the strengthening of traditional authorities and civil society organizations to facilitate sustainable grassroots organisational development that gives voice to the poor and vulnerable rural families. CIKOD leads the project on behalf of the Forest Watch coalition. They are pressing government to strengthen community tenure, management and enterprise development as agreed in the VPA, and to enact a revised forest and wildlife law to this effect. Emphasising the need for a change from the past, they also advocate for legal sanctions in forest laws to be enforced and publicised, and for local government to disclose their use of revenue from timber royalties.

Centre for Indigenous Knowledge and Organisational Development
Hse. No. 5 Madina Firestone,
opposite Agrimat House.
P. O. Box CT 4131
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