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There is no legally enshrined procedure for consultation on new norms. However, the manual of procedures contains directives for community consultation on some specific issues, such as management planning of forest reserves. Furthermore, even though there are no formal legally-binding procedures, there has been a lot of consultation on new initiatives such as Voluntary Partnership Agreement with the EU.

In 2010, Forest Watch Ghana carried out an analysis of the old Forest Policy and identified a number of issues with regard to improving public participation in forest management issues. Among these was a call by civil society organisations that participation and consultation should be backed by legislation. The concerns also touched on community resource management, local level management and issues around tree tenure, which were incorporated into the guiding principles of the new policy. The new policy also recognizes multi-stakeholder interests in forests and wildlife and forges a common vision to protect, manage and use the resources. It also encourages collaborative resource management among communities, government and other stakeholders. There is however still a need for explicit requirements for consultation in the development of new norms to be enshrined in legislation.

Title Manual of Procedures B
Organisation Resource Management Support Centre (RMSC) of the Forestry Commission
Date 1994
Source Printed copies at RMSC
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