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The policy framework, as contained in the 1994 Forest and Wildlife Policy, is publicly available. In light of current operational challenges and demands for improvement in the sector, this policy was subjected to a review process that started in 2007 and was completed at the end of 2011. The final draft document was laid before Cabinet and has been approved.

The policy review followed a participatory drafting process with key stakeholders in the sector, including civil society organisations. A civil society analysis in 2010 of the previous policy, based on four core themes (biodiversity conservation, fair access, fair benefit sharing, and participation in decision-making) was key to the revision process. The final policy addresses key issues such as reform of community tenure, management and enterprises, including clarification of tree tenure and associated benefit sharing arrangements. The review also captured current trends such as the development of REDD+, and addressed initiatives like the protection and preservation of natural sacred sites. The iterative and consultative revision process was regarded as positive by civil society. As a result, the draft new policy has stronger wording to commit Ghana to passing the kind of implementing legislation that has so far been lacking.

The previous policy was not widely circulated, and the new policy had not yet been published online at the time of this assessment, but it is hoped that it will be made available to communities and translated into community languages. Civil society organisations and other stakeholders should press for copies to be available at the District Forest offices so that it is easily accessible.

As part of the process, a 10 year plan is to be developed that will set out concrete actions for implementation of the policy. There are still discussions as to whether to call it the Forest Development Master Plan or the Strategic Plan in view of the need to make the document operational so that it meets the desired results and impacts.

Title a. The Forest and Wildlife Policy
b. 2011 Forest and Wildlife Policy
Organisation Ministry of Lands and Forestry, Forestry Commission
Date a. 1994
b. October 2011
Source http://www.fcghana.com/publications/laws/foresty_wildlife_policy/index.html
b. Not officially published yet, but copy available from http://www.pdaghana.com/images/stories/ReferenceMaterials/forest_policy_october_27_2011.pdf
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