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Since the Right to Information Bill was first tabled before Parliament in February 2010, little progress has been made. The Coalition on the Right to Information, spearheaded by the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (Africa Office), representing various influential civil society organisations and interest groups has maintained pressure on the government to introduce key amendments and pass the Bill into law.

The Coalition of the Right to Information has lobbied the Parliamentary Select Joint Committee responsible for the review of the bill on several issues raised during the regional consultations held in 2011, including exemptions, fees, timelines, appeal processes and the Independent Information Commission, but at the time of this assessment it was still not clear whether they had been addressed in the revised draft of the Bill. There are concerns that restrictive clauses will not facilitate the disclosure of information.

Currently, the absence of Freedom of Information legislation makes it impossible for people to demand information and compel public office holders to disclose information. Institutions such as the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice have called for a robust ethics structure to check corruption in public service agencies. The Alliance for Accountable Governance monitors the fight against corruption and called for the government to meet its promises to pass the Right to Information bill into law, but it did not do so before the general elections in December 2012.

Title Right To Information Bill
Organisation Attorney-General and Ministry of Justice
Date 2009
Source Copies of the bill can be obtained from the Office of the Clerk of Parliament
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