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Forest Policy
A new forest policy has been approved following a participatory process, which addressed long-standing issues such as community management and tree tenure. However, the policy has not yet been published and the upcoming strategy and law will have to translate it into practice. Read more...
Voluntary Partnership Agreement
Many challenges remain to ensuring that the VPA with the European Union is implemented transparently, not least that an assessment in 2012 showed that the majority of documents and data necessary for the legality assurance system are not public. Read more...
Timber Salvage Permits
Sustained pressure from civil society led the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources to acknowledge that the administrative granting of timber salvage permits runs contrary to the Voluntary Partnership Agreement with the European Union. Read more...
Verification of Timber Rights
There is no public list of all timber rights granted, which makes it difficult to know what activities are legal. Furthermore, the Forestry Commission has not consistently followed requirements for transparent pre-qualification and bidding processes for new contracts. Read more...
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Other Facts Other Facts
Vital Statistics
505 people per km2 of forest
25 million total population
Corruption Perception Index
Corruption Perception Index
Corrupt Clean
49,400 km2 forests
( 21.7% of land area )
-2.2% annual deforestation rate
GDP per capita PPP $1871
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