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There is no legally enshrined procedure for consultation on new norms. However, for some specific issues such as management planning of forest reserves, the manual of procedures contains directives for community consultation.

Explicit requirements for consultation in the development of new norms need to be enshrined in legislation. In addition minimum standards for consultation need to be defined. As such, what constitutes consultation is often disputed. Whereas the Forestry Commission would indicate that passing on information is effectively consultation, civil society and communities would often complain about the lack of opportunities to present their views and participate in decisions.

The communities need to be empowered to participate in forest issues and take responsibility for their actions. Currently, there is no law that mandates communities to take up the challenge. However, there have been series of workshops on stakeholder involvement in forest management where communities have been advised on the role that they can play in negotiating Social Responsibility Agreements with companies.

Title Manual of Procedures B
Organisation Resource Management Support Centre (RMSC) of the Forestry Commission
Date 1994
Source Printed copies at RMSC
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