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The Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) with the European Union was signed in November 2009 and ratified in March 2010. The processes leading to the signing of the VPA enhanced the level of government and civil society engagement. Civil society served (and still is represented) on the steering committee of the VPA, and it participated in all of the processes from the definition of legal timber through to negotiations and even to the eventual signing of the agreement. Trading under the VPA is yet to start, but civil society has been very much involved in the development of the agreement. Though the process has slowed down considerably, the policy reform process is still going on.

Civil society has raised concerns with the way that the REDD process is being handled in relation to the VPA process. They are of the view that the drive to develop the REDD is undermining FLEGT VPA. This could be attributed to the way REDD was started and fast tracked. The promise of funds with no accountability framework was potentially going to undermine FLEGT VPA. However with the funds not forthcoming, the process has slowed down and this will enable adequate time for stakeholder consultations. In July 2010 Ghana was approved as a pilot country for the Forest Investment Program (FIP) as part of the Strategic Climate Investment Funds.

Ghana has also signed most international agreements related to forestry and biodiversity conservation. A list of the various international agreements and conventions to which Ghana is signatory can be found in various publications including the National Biodiversity Strategy for Ghana (2002), Ghana, Country Environmental Analysis (World Bank, 2007).

Title Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade Voluntary Partnership Agreement with the European Union
Organisation Forestry Commission
Date 2010
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