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Since the Freedom of Information Bill was tabled before parliament in February 2010, not much progress has been made. The Coalition on the Right to Information, Ghana, spearheaded by the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (Africa Office) and various influential civil society organisations and interest groups have kept on pressing for the passage of the Bill into law.

The parliamentary process for establishing laws in Ghana is being followed to pass the Bill. The draft Bill has been in circulation for review by various stakeholders. Since the middle of 2011, a series of review meetings have taken place across the country but there is still no certainty as to when the Bill will be passed. There is apprehension on the part of government about the possible misuse of the law, which has led to the introduction of several restrictive clauses in the Bill. Other stakeholders such as the media commission have urged Parliament to look critically at the exemption clauses to ensure that all exemptions are reasonably necessary and are narrowly formulated to protect a legitimate public interest. The critics are also concerned about the possibility of high fees to requesters and the lack of coverage of private bodies. These changes have fuelled protests from civil society and other stakeholders. The Coalition is of the view that the restrictive clauses will not facilitate the disclosure of information and have made known their reservations. Following the reviews, it is hoped that the Bill will finally be passed into law.

Title Right To Information Bill
Organisation Attorney-General and Ministry of Justice
Date 2009
Source Freedominfo.org report
Office of the Clerk of Parliament
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