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The Forestry Commission is required in its Charter to publish an annual report and present it to parliament through the Minister, but these reports are hardly published regularly or on time. The last annual report was in 2006.
Apart from the Annual Report of the Forestry Commission which is presented to Parliament for adoption, there are current sub-reports (2008) on various projects and programmes of the FC. These include the National Forest Plantation Development Programme and the Timber Industry Development Division.
In districts where there is a Customer Services Officer, copies of some publications are kept in the offices but these are not publicly displayed and not many people know about the publication The delay in the documentation and distribution of the annual report of the Forestry Commission is typical of many sub-vented state agencies in the country.
Title Annual Report of the Forestry Commission
Organisation Forestry Commission
Date 2006
Source www.ghana.gov.gh/index.php?option=com_
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