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Transparent access to decision-making

District forest forums are established in 35 forest districts with support from both government and civil society organisations but these have no legal status.
A review carried out by Civic Response of the status of the Forest Forums in Ghana at the beginning of 2010, concluded that the forums have inadequate linkage with key policy making institutions and platforms at the district level such as district assembly environmental and forestry sub- committees, and this affects policy uptake of issues generated at the forums.
There is enthusiasm among those who participate but they are not very representative and women’s participation is very low. The project supported two queen mothers associations to build the capacities of their members on forest laws and policies. The objective was to strengthen and empower them to actively participate in forest governance issues and moderate the activities of the male counterparts.
Title Stakeholder Workshop on the GIRAF Project - District and Regional Forest Forum Assessment
Date March 2010 referring to the forest forum review, but forums have been running since 2003
Source Civic Response
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