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Before an applicant can carry out forest operations, he/she requires a forest use licence. Despite the fact that certain documentation is requested for this procedure, priority is given to documents certifying the legal tenure of the land in which the logging programme is to be carried out. A more detailed verification process is not specified.

The lack of exhaustive verification is a major weakness of the current system, which has led to the generation of inconsistencies (for example, by allowing forest offenders to access confiscated timber), and prevents the consolidation of a suitable forest management model. However, the Ministry of Environment is working on building the Forest Administration System and the Single System of Environmental Information (SUIA), which are expected to be able to help reduce the gap in information and consequently improve the verification process. It is worth emphasising that the demand for additional requirements when it comes to accessing a forest use licence must be led by the MAE.

Title a. Unified Text on Secondary Environmental Legislation
b. Procedure for authorisation of the use and logging of wood
c. Regulations for the sustainable management of Andean forests (R.O 416)
d. Regulations for the sustainable forest management of dry forests (R.O 157)
e. Regulations for the use of wood in cultivated forests (R.O 401)
f. Regulations for the forest management of rain forest wood (R.O 399)
Organisation a. Ministry of Environment
b. Ministry of Environment
c. Ministry of Environment
e. Ministry of Environment
f. Ministry of Environment
Date a. 31 March 2003. Reformed on 17 May 2012
b. 5 April 2010. Reformed on 22 March 2012
c. 13 December 2006
d. 28 August 2007
e. 18 August 2004
f. 16 August 2004
Source a. http://www.ambiente.gob.ec/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2012/09/TEXTO-UNIFICADO-LEGISLACION-SECUNDARIA-MEDIO-AMBIENTE-PARTE-I.pdf
b. http://www.ambiente.gob.ec/sites/default/files/users/mponce/agreements139.pdf
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