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Forest Information Systems
The Ministry of Environment has developed systems to integrate data on the environment and forest sector, but further work is necessary to link them to information from other Ministries. Sector-specific norms on public information are needed. Read more...
Land Tenure
Progress towards agreement of a new Land Law has been slow. There are long-standing challenges related to insecure title and unequal land distribution, which have major impacts on forests, but it remains to be seen if proposals to address them are taken forward. Read more...
Forest law enforcement
Lack of public information on forest offenders is a continuing problem. Although provincial data can be requested, better data is needed to coordinate enforcement activities between different authorities and support local people to denounce infractions. Read more...
Annual Forest Sector Reports
The Ministry of Environment published an annual report for 2011 with a section on forest governance, which highlights progress in various activities to monitor the sector. Forest statistics also provide useful information on trends. Read more...
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Other Facts Other Facts
Vital Statistics
149 people per km2 of forest
14.7 million total population
Corruption Perception Index
Corruption Perception Index
Corrupt Clean
98,650 km2 forests
( 39.7% of land area )
-1.9% annual deforestation rate
GDP per capita PPP $8669
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