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In Ecuador the allocation of licences or permits for forest operations originate in the right of the owner to use, enjoy and dispose of the elements of his/her property, including forests. The form of forestry concession or allocation of forestry permits does not apply to forest operations in the country. The operating licences and respective transportation guidelines are granted to the owners of the land in which the forest exists as part of his/her right of usufruct, but under the surveillance of the forest authority and after presentation and acceptance of a management plan. Meanwhile, the form of environmental services is being developed in Ecuadorian legislation, but as yet there has been no definition of the steps or processes for allocation of rights. It is also worthwhile noting that there are no permits for many non-timber forest products.

For conservation, there are no permits per se, but for an area to be declared a protected public space (which will be part of the State Natural Areas Heritage) certain procedures are established: the management alternatives study involves evaluation and registration by the Ministry of Environment. In the case of private protected areas, to be recognised as part of the National System of Protected Areas there are certain procedures to be complied with (similar studies to those for the heritage areas).

It is emphasised that, for lands to be allocated under the state forest heritage system, the lands must be subjected to the technical norms on sustainable forest use regulated by the ministry.

Title a) Procedures for authorizing the exploitation and felling of timber
b) Instructive Allocation of land of the forest heritage of Ecuador
Organisation Ministry of Environment
Date 5 April 2010
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