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The law on Environmental Management and the Forest Law establish that the Ministry of Environment will compile information on environmental issues, including a register of the forestry industry, and make this information public. However, information on the forest sector is still poor and particularly dispersed across several public institutions.

An important advance was the Forest Governance Model published in 2011, which recognises transparency as one of the key elements for implementing effective forest governance.

In addition, the Ministry of Environment is implementing a new System of Administration and Forest Monitoring (see http://www.ambiente.gob.ec/?q=node/595), one of the components of which is a National System of Forest Information, which will generate a national database of actors connected with forest activity. It will also generate online reports of forest activities, including administrative processes, forest management and monitoring, and commercialisation of timber and forest products in the country, including imports and exports of forest products. An important point to consider would be whether the Ministry tracks illegal trade and contrasts it with the information from the SAF, and whether all this information is available to the public and is easily accessible.

Finally, it must not be forgotten that transparency not only takes the form of information, but also the creation of spaces for participation and construction of programmes and policies.

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b. Codification of the Law of Forests and Conservation of Natural Areas and Wildlife
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Organisation Ministry of Environment
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c. 2011
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