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Ecuador is a signatory to various international agreements related to forests. Amongst them, it is part of the International Tropical Timber Organisation and thus a signatory to the International Tropical Timber Agreement. In addition, the MERCOSUR countries and the countries of the Latin American Integration Association (including Ecuador) have a number of bilateral, multilateral, economic cooperation and negotiation agreements (sectoral trade agreements) http://www.puce.edu.ec/documentos/perfil_de_maderas_y_elaborados_2009.pdf. The same is true for the member countries of the Andean Community of Nations.

In February 2009 Ecuador, Peru and Colombia began negotiations to sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the European Union. Ecuador withdrew from the talks in November 2009. The FTA between Colombia, Peru and the EU was finally signed in April 2011. This treaty includes a section on trade and sustainable development which refers to forest products. Ecuador resumed negotiations and hopes to complete a Development Trade Agreement (ACD in Spanish) by 2012. At the moment the outcome of these new talks is uncertain, and it is not clear whether they will refer to the forest market; what is specified is that an ACD as opposed to an FTA does not necessarily cover all the areas for negotiation, but agrees them on a case by case basis. The Ministry for Coordination of Production, Employment and Competition (see http://www.mcpec.gob.ec/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1059:viceministro-pena-se-reunio-con-representates-de-camaras-y-asociaciones-de-la-produccion-para-analizar-acuerdos-comerciales-y-reforma-tributaria&catid=1:noticias&Itemid=57&Itemid=57) is responsible for these negotiations and keeps citizens informed through press conferences and meetings with representatives of chambers of commerce and production associations, in which the points of the ACD are analysed.

On this point, it would be important for Ecuador to learn from the negotiation process for the FTA between the USA and Peru (2009), which included an “Annexe on the management of the Forest Sector” (see http://ictsd.org/i/news/puentesquincenal/105170/) which specified minimum standards to contribute to transparency, the fight against corruption and the governance of the forest sector.


Ecuador is part of the
• International Labour Organisation (member since 1934 that has ratified 35 conventions – the last one in 2000- and has 46 possible one for ratification)
• Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (ratified 11 February 1975)
• International Tropical Timber Agreement (2006)
• Additionally, Ecuador is part of the Kyoto Protocol (signed 15 January 1999 and ratified 13 January 2000) and beneficiary country in UN-REDD (March 2011). Although those are not commercial agreements, they have a crucial importance for forest governance.

It is not part of:
• Forest Carbon Partnership Facility
• Copenhagen Agreement
• Forest Investment Programme

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