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The Strategy for Sustainable Forest Development in Ecuador was designed in 2000, which is a document that cannot be found in any official register. The Ministry of Environment evaluated and updated this document in 2004, which is now freely available on the website in a user-friendly format. The strategy was drawn up after the Law on Forests and Conservation of Natural Areas and Forest Life (1982), which means that it might contain elements which are legally building (FAO 2010). Although the strategy promotes actions related to the conservation and sustainable use of forests, it is worth emphasising that it does not state explicitly or specifically what will be the strategies of the forest sector with regard to REDD+, nor regarding other sectors which might affect forests. Within strategy 3: strengthening of the participation and management of civil society, point d) refers to the need to create consultative committees on the use of forest resources, recognising the interests and rights of the sectors involved. In addition, there is a Policy for Andean Ecosystems in Ecuador (2009), which includes a section on dry forests. Furthermore, in 2011 the Under-Secretariat for Natural Heritage published a document which explains and defines the model for forest governance in Ecuador (with no official register). Currently, the Ministry of Environment is working on the development of national forest policy, for which it should initiate broad participative processes and, once the policy has been defined, elaborate information campaigns on this policy to avoid repeating past mistakes such as lack of knowledge of this instrument within the Ministry as well. (NFP Facility Partnership, 2004).
Title a. Strategy for Sustainable Forest Development of Ecuador (2000)
b. Policy for Andean Ecosystems of Ecuador (2009)
c. Forest Governance in Ecuador (2011)
Organisation a. Ministry of Environment
b. Ministry of Environment
c. Ministry of Environment
Date a. June 2000. It is not found in an official register (lexis)
b. 5 November 2009
c. 2011.
Source a. http://www.ambiente.gob.ec/sites/default/files/archivos/PUBLICACIONES/FORESTAL/edfsi.pdf -
b. The document is divided in two parts: http://www.ambiente.gob.ec/sites/default/files/archivos/normativaforestal/peae1.pdf
c. http://www.ambiente.gob.ec/sites/default/files/users/jgranda/La%20Gobernanza%20Forestal%20en%20el%20Ecuador_0.pdf
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