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A sub-paragraph of article 7 of the Organic Law of Transparency and Access to Public Information (LOTAIP) specifies that public institutions must present “accountability mechanisms to citizens, such as management targets and reports and performance indicators”, and article 12 stipulates that these institutions must deliver an annual report on compliance with this law.

The Ministry of Environment (MAE) publishes an annual report on activities. The 2011 report presents a section on forest governance, which refers basically to the Programa Socio Bosque and does not cover all the activities carried out by the forest authority. In addition, through the Forest Administration and Monitoring System (SAF), the MAE publishes forest reports with information related to forest use. SENAGUA also has a report with indicators which reflect the scheduled percentage and the actual percentage carried out in its forestation and reforestation programme. The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture and Fisheries and the Ministry for Coordination of Heritage present their performance reports as required by the LOTAIP; there is, however, no specification regarding the forest sector.

Title 1. Statement of Accounts by the Minister of Environment
2. Graphs of Planned and Implemented National Projects in 2011
3. Forest Information Bulletin 2011
Organisation 1. Ministry of Environment
3. Ministry of Environment
Date 1. 7 October 2010
2. 2011
3. 2011
Source 1. http://www.ambiente.gob.ec/sites/default/files/users/lianeth/informe10-11.pdf
2. http://www.senagua.gob.ec/files/transparencia/6InfoPlanificacion/M.%20Indicadores%20desempeno%20Informes%20Gestion%20Cumplimiento%20Metas.pdf
3. http://servicios.ambiente.gob.ec/saf/estadisticas/informativo_forestal_2011.pdf
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