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By sending a request for information on a provincial level, it was possible to obtain a list of offenders. However, it would be useful if these lists were available directly on the website of the central Ministry of Environment office, because it is known that, on occasions, the same offenders (see http://www.grupofaro.org/archivos/2010/publicaciones/sedefa-ley%20forestal5.pdf) are bidding in auctions of confiscated material. This occurs principally because there is no database shared between the sectors.

Having access to the lists of offenders and the territories in which these infractions have not been punished might help to put pressure on the judicial authorities responsible for applying the regulations or, failing that, might allow citizens to identify the offenders and demand that the authorities enforce the law. These lists would also help organisations in civil society to press for legal bidding for timber by exercising greater control over bidders for public demand, and ensure that those committing infractions of the forest law do not benefit.

Title a) Article 7 of the Organic Law of Transparency and Access to Public Information
b) Lists of infractions at the provincial level
Organisation a) Public Ombudsman
b) Ministry of Environment
Date a) 18 May 2004
b) Depends on the request
Source a) http://www.dpe.gob.ec/dpe/images/descargas/lotaip.pdf
b) It can be obtained through a request at the provincial level
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