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There is a no taxation system other than the payment of the “Pie de Monte”, which is a tax that is paid for harvested timber. The closest thing to a system of redistribution is the Socio Bosque Program, which provides an incentive to landowners to conserve forests.

As far as the availability of data about the amounts collected and distributed is concerned, it is important to emphasise that information on the Programa Socio Bosque is easily accessible, as they publish statistical information on the website. Any additional details can be obtained easily with a request for information to the responsible authority; for the “Pie de Monte” tax, however, there is no specific information. This is because the regional offices of the Ministry of Environment send a single figure for collections (e.g. payment for environmental licences) to a central office, with no detailed breakdown of this account.

There is also a tax on rural lands, which is imposed on the ownership or possession of lands with an area greater than 25 hectares in the rural sector. It is emphasised that wetlands and natural forests duly classified as such by the environmental authority are exempt from payment of this tax (http://www.sri.gov.ec/web/guest/tierras-rurales). Information on the amounts collected under this tax is available on the Internal Revenue Service website, since 2010 when this tax came into force. Another way to pay for this tax is through the implementation of forestry programs within the premises of the owner of the land.

Title a) Programa Socio Bosque
b) Norm for Sustainable Forest Management of Dry Forests (Ministerial Agreement 244, Official Register 157
c) Reform Law for Tax Equity in Ecuador (rural land tax) (Official Register 242)
Organisation a) Ministry of Environment
b) Ministry of Environment
c) Internal Revenue Service
Date a) 5 December 2008
b) 28 August 2007
c) 29 December 2007, came into force starting from 2010.
Source a) http://sociobosque.ambiente.gob.ec/sociobosque/files/images/articulos/archivos/acuerdo169.pdf
b) http://www.ambiente.gob.ec/sites/default/files/archivos/normativaforestal/bosqueseco.pdf
c) http://www.sri.gov.ec/web/guest/246@public
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