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2011 > 20 Key Indicators > Strategic Environmental Assessment of Development Priorities

The National Planning Secretariat (SENPLADES) has designed a methodology to track and assess the impact of the programmes and projects carried out by the different institutions which form part of the State, and determine the changes in the well-being of the population as a result of public investment.

Complementary to this, SENPLADES states in its objective 4 that it seeks to "Guarantee the rights of nature and promote a healthy and sustainable environment"; the diagnostic carried out as part of this objective takes into account topics related to changes in land use. In addition, a body called the National Institute of Pre-Investment has been created, in an attempt to support national development by promoting and assessing the viability of pre-investment processes and studies in strategic sectors, in accordance with the National Development Plan. It also has a Sub-system for Tracking and Evaluation, the aim of which is to provide support to meet the objectives of the National Plan through its development targets and public policies. One of the basic principles governing this sub-system is participation, where it stipulates that the opinion of citizens must be included.

The forest sector is not considered one of Ecuador’s strategic sectors, which is why the Council for Strategic Sectoral Policies was not attended by either the Ministry of Environment or the Ministry for Coordination of Heritage (http://www.sectoresestrategicos.gob.ec/portal/en/c/document_library/get_file?uuid=f38baf59-d23d-4329-845f-07d0707a7c5f&groupId=10321). The sectors which the government has identified as strategic are electricity, water, oil, gas and mining, telecommunications and the information society. It is stressed that there are consultation processes in place for crude oil, mining and hydroelectric power. The Mining Law of 2009 stipulates that consultation is compulsory prior to mining operations, and these articles also state that there must be access to information and participation throughout the process.

Title a. Methodologies of Prioritisation of Public Investment Projects
b. Methodology of Impact Evaluation and Tracking
c. Definition of Concepts of the Sub-System of Tracking and Evaluation
d. National System of Investment Projects
e. Guidance for the Formulation of Public Sector Policies
Organisation SENPLADES
Date a. June 2009
b. No publication date
c. 2008
d. 2007
e. 2011
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