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2011 > 20 Key Indicators > Verification Process (Due Diligence) of the Eligibility of Permit Applicants

The allocation of licences or permits for forest operations originate in the right of the owner to use, enjoy and dispose of the elements of his/her property.

Under Ministerial Agreement 139, procedures were issued to authorise the use and logging of timber. The Ministry of Environment applies a deadline of sixty days from the date of presentation of the application with all the requirements to grant this licence, after which time it will be tacitly understood to have been granted. The requirements are as follows:
• Correctly completed and signed application.
• Integrated management plan.
• Technical inspection report
• Certificate of compliance with obligations taken on previously (for those who are or have been beneficiaries of a Forestry Licence)
These requirements will ensure that there is due diligence. The licences for forest use are available after a request for information.

Title a. Procedures for autorizing the use and felling of timber
Organisation a. Ministry of Environment
Date a. 5 April 2010
Source http://www.ambiente.gob.ec/?q=node/1799&page=0,1, Acuerdo Ministerial No. 139.
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