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Following pressure from civil society stakeholders through the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and the Publish What You Pay initiative, and the demands of the World Bank and the IMF for the economic governance matrix, in 2011 the government published for the first time the revenues arising from natural resources exploitation. This data was very rudimentary and had no supporting explanation. Furthermore, the government seemed to have stopped this publication in 2012, which was a step backwards. This has not elictied a reaction from the international donors that previously demanded the publication of this information.

The Forest Code requires the transfer of 40% of forest sector revenues to the provincial level, of which 15% is for decentralised administrative bodes at the territorial level, but no detailed figures on this redistribution have been published.

Title Monthly State of the collection of Tax Revenue from the Natural Resources sector
Organisation The Directorate-General of Administrative and Federal Revenues (DGRAD)
Customs and Excise Office (Ofida), Directorate-General for Taxation (DGI)
Date Fourth quarter 2011
Source http://www.minfinDRC.com/images/pdf/Etat_mensuel_de_recouvrement_des_recettes_des_secteurs_des_ressources_naturelles.pdf
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