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According to the Forest Code, concession holders must produce a 25-year forest management plan and a 5-year operations plan. The preparation of a forest management plan requires socio-economic surveys, participative zoning and other studies – as well as negotiations on the social agreements – that need to involve the local communities. Forest management plans were published online in 2012 for 12 of the signed concessions contracts, which represents an improvement. Operations plans provide information about the valid periods, places and authorised volumes of tree felling, but they are rarely made available to the local communities affected by the planned operations. According to the Forest Code they should be provided, but they are either not published or not put at the disposal of the affected communities.

Furthermore, a circular from the Minister of the Environment in August 2011 stated that the operations plan is simply a preliminary step in the conversion of an old forest concession title and seems to respond to the concerns of the concessionnaires regarding the cost of producing a full forest management plan.

Title a. Ministerial Order no. 036/CAB MIN/NO. 036/CAB/MIN/ECN-EF/2006 of 05/10/2006 on management plans for forest concessions
b. Circular Note no. 005/CAB/MIN/ECN-T/JEB/2011 of 15 August 2011 to forestry companies that hold titles considered convertible and civil society organisations in the environmental sector in the DRC.
c. Publication of forest concession contracts.
Organisation Ministry of the Environment, Conservation of Nature and Tourism
Source a. http://www.mecnt.cd/Download/Signes/pdf_Arret_ministriel_36_MECNEF_du_05_10_06.pdf
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