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Within the framework of the conversion of old forest titles into new forest concession contracts (together with a moratorium on the granting of new concessions), the MECNT started to publish signed contracts in February 2012. The World Bank has also required the publication of all contracts related to natural resources as part of the reform process. Of the 80 forest concessions in the course of conversion, only 24 contracts have been published to date. The actual number of signed contracts is still unknown to the public, but it appears that about half have had their contracts signed, which means that several signed contracts have not yet been published.

The granting of artisanal logging permits has been frequently criticised by civil society stakeholders and the private sector in the DRC. There are disputes between the central and provincial authorities over their respective responsibilities. The central forest administration has issued a large number of artisanal permits without observing all of the applicable legal provisions. This has violated the moratorium on new forest allocations, thus opening the door to the large-scale exploitation of forests under the guise of artisanal permits, and undermining ten years work to clean up the forestry sector. Following the revelation of this problem by civil society stakeholders, the new government has started to take charge of the problem and has cancelled some illegally granted artisanal permits.

Title a. Publication of forest concession contracts, 9 February 2012
b. List of artisanal logging permits, 2010
Organisation Ministry of the Environment, Conservation of Nature and Tourism
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b. http://www.mecnt.cd/images/DOWN/liste%20pcab10.pdf
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