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Official national maps are available to the public showing the general areas of existing forest concessions and other permits or authorisations; however maps of artisanal logging permits are not available. A map with details of forest concessions has also been produced by the World Resources Institute. More detailed maps that identify local villages are held in management plans produced by the concessionaires, but these documents are difficult to obtain.

What maps are produced are usually only distributed in hard copy in only small quantities by MECNT and other authorities due to a lack of financial resources. Nonetheless, the Forest Inventories Department could easily reproduce them when contracts are signed.

Maps showing customary use of forest resources are produced for the benefit of local communities by national and international environmental civil society organisations, but there are very few of them.

Title • Forest estate of the DRC, situation at 31 December 2009,
• Forest estate of the DRC, situation at 31 July 2011
Source • Directorate-General of Forestry Inventories and Management / Ministry of the Environment, Conservation of Nature and Tourism.
• http://www.wri.org/tools/atlas/map.php?maptheme=drcforest
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