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2012 > 20 Key Indicators 2012 > Regulation of Environmental Services

The Forest Code mentions environmental services as a guiding factor for management of the sector, but there are no further details or supporting regulations. It is paradoxical that the forests are crucial to the livelihoods of a large part of the population but the regulatory framework does not take this into account at all.

The issue of the ownership of carbon is now being discussed within the framework of REDD+ but implementation of a law or other norm to clarify it remains a distant prospect. Under the Forest Investment Programme, US$60 million was awarded to the DRC for REDD+. Considerable international donor funding has also gone into conservation programmes in the country. However this has not contributed to the development of a framework for sharing the benefits from environmental services or disseminating information at local level. The REDD+ strategy may be an opportunity to start addressing these problems.

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